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At Pheasant Grove, we pride ourselves on the high level of attention and care we shower on our clients. We think of ourselves as more than just an equestrian barn, but rather a very large extended family. We work hard to offer high-quality lessons, boarding and show preparation combined with a personal touch. See what our clients have to say about us!



Tarrone and Tanqueray
Sharon Furtado and Clifford
Alison Stern with Axel and W
Ainsley Courtney and Elton
Caitlin Marshall and Leyton
Tarrone and Jameson Bend 2015
Renee Marshall and Clavileno
Grace Countryman and Give Me Grace
Kristi Courtney and Sophisticated
Brady Seaton and Marble Chip

"After purchasing my new horse as a baby, I wanted to get him started out on the right foot and build him up the correct way, and I found that in Tarrone and the entire barn at Pheasant Grove. Everything about the training methods and the setting of a solid horse/rider foundation was exactly what I was looking for in a trainer. Add in to that a wonderful facility and truly caring staff at pheasant grove and you have the total package. I really couldn't ask for anything more perfectly suited for us. Every member of the barn makes every outing enjoyable, fun, and supportive!"


--Jennifer Larsen​

“I’ve been riding with Tarrone for 18 years and she has taken me from being a nervous pony kid to a top ten medal finalist. Even after all these years, I learn something new every time I take a lesson with her. Tarrone has done an amazing job working with all of the horses that I have had and helping me become a better partner with each of them. I wouldn’t be half the rider I am today without all of her support and teaching, both at home and ringside at the shows.


Along with having an incredibly skilled trainer, Pheasant Grove is a wonderful “barn family” to be a part of. Everyone cheers each other on through the good and the bad - giving encouragement and support wherever needed. I’ve never enjoyed a horse show or a lesson more than with this amazing group of people.


Gilien and Tarrone have certainly built a hugely successful barn and filled it with a great community of riders!


--Nicole Posner

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