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Pheasant Grove has built relationships with top notch partners that support and promote the success of our horses. Together, this team provides an extensive and knowledgeable network of equine experts that strives to help everyone in the barn accomplish their goals.

Pioneer Equine Hospital
Vetrinary Clinic


Pioneer Equine Hospital is located only 2 miles from Pheasant Grove and is one of the most recognized equine hospitals in the country for their foremost work in equine surgery and lameness. Since its opening, the doctors and staff have been successful in not only excelling in equine patient care but more importantly creating an atmosphere that welcomes a diverse population of equine disciplines to Pioneer Equine Hospital.The clinic consists of ten veterinarians and a newly constructed 22,000 square foot full service equine hospital that offers the most advanced lameness, surgical, and diagnostic imaging on the west coast. There are two spacious surgical suites as well as an extensive covered lameness evaluation area. The large exam rooms and stalls optimize patient comfort and client ease, and they have just installed the only high field equine MRI in Northern California. Their goal is to provide the utmost and advanced equine medical technology, diagnosis, therapy and care to their patients and their owners. 

Rob Dugo


Rob is a highly skilled and talented blacksmith located right around the corner at Pioneer Equine Hospital. Rob provides farrier service at several performance horse and rehabilitation facilities in the surrounding area. He also works alongside the surgeons and lameness clinicians at Podiatry Center at Pioneer. Rob has been Pheasant Grove's farrier for over XX years and has done an amazing job with all of the horsese he has worked with.

Dr. Wally Palmer, DVM


Dr. Palmer is both a DVM and a chiropractor. He believes in providing chiropractic care as a holistic approach to health and performance problems of the horse. Chiropractic care provides an alternative method of care, along with the traditional veterinary medicine and surgery. Adjustments can prove to be invaluable in detecting and treating gait abnormalities and other performance issues in our athletic horses. Along with chiropractic care, Dr. Palmer also performs acupuncture.

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